OPINION: Heat Wave

According to NASA August had the hottest average monthly temperature ever recorded in history (record keeping was begun in 1880) and is the 11 month in a row that has broken that record. The difference in temperature is about 1.4 degrees Celsius (34.52 degrees in our Fahrenheit scale) since 1880, which is reflected in the data … More OPINION: Heat Wave

Bones, Blood, And Oil

During the past week turmoil has arisen in the state of North Dakota where an oil pipeline is being constructed. A regional Native American tribe, the Standing Rock Sioux as well as other tribal nations, have fielded multiple complaints and injunction requests to prevent the pipeline’s creation stating that such a thing would not only … More Bones, Blood, And Oil

Coup attempt in Turkey

Friday evening saw violence break out in Istanbul, Turket as a military coup de tat was attempted against the current sitting President. The coup plotters said they carried this out in response to the government’s increasing move away from democracy and towards autocracy. At least 161 people were killed during the attempt before government forces … More Coup attempt in Turkey

Indictment Incoming?

United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a press conference today announcing that she would be accepting whatever recommendations senior FBI prosecutors were to deliver to her regarding the Clinton email investigation. This announcement was made after backlash from a meeting between Lynch and former President Clinton in an airport in previous days. Though she … More Indictment Incoming?