American Health Care Act Of 2017 Passes The House

The American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA or TrumpCare) passed the House today in a partisan vote of 235 in favor and 192 against – you can view the results here, despite a majority of Americans being against it according to polls from Fortune, Kaiser Family Foundationand Quinnipiac University. The “new and improved” version of the failed bill from previous months has had several additions and amendments added to it including tax cuts for healthcare businesses, wealthy individuals and families, and insurance providers. Also included is the repeal of the Obamacare regulation mandating that pre-existing conditions be covered. However these provisions will not apply to members of Congress or their families since they also passed an amendment allowing them to keep their Obamacare provisions and protections. The expansion of medicare/medicaid wills also be reversed, and the funding system for those programs are going to be altered drastically. As recently as May 1st it came to light that an amendment to the bill had been added that will classify domestic abuse/violence, sexual assault, and rape as pre-existing conditions as well.

The AHCA bill will now move on to the Senate chamber where it will meet a more skeptical audience. Democrats in the Senate are confident that the bill does not meet certain special laws that would keep it from being filibustered, and many Senate Republicans are either heavily against the passage of the AHCA or leaning against it. You can call: 202-224-3121 which is the number for the Congressional building switchboard and can transfer you to the phone of your Senator or Representative. You can also go to the United States Senate website to get the contact information for your Senator as well and let them know how you wish them to vote.


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