The Bernie Sander’s Show

Beginning a couple of months ago Senator Bernie Sanders began broadcasting the first episodes of The Bernie Sanders Show on Facebook Live in order to disseminate information on the goings on of the White House, Congress, and the government. Each episode of the show so far has featured a prominent public figure such as Bill Nye and Josh Fox in which Senator Sanders will interview them on an ongoing political issue in which they are versed, or something that they think needs attention brought to it. Since its inception the show has gotten millions upon millions of views for each episode, often beating out news media outlets such as Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor in views and ratings. Recently the show has moved venues from Facebook Live to the iTunes Store where it immediately moved up to the #2 spot (currently at #4). This has sparked some backlash from some mainstream media companies that are outraged that a small-time podcast could surpass nearly all other mainstream media podcasts in popularity and views and going so far as to compare Sanders’ podcast to a dictatorial regime – an article by Slate specifically – the same media outlets whom refused to cover the Sanders presidential campaign in 2016.

Now to be fair the podcast does have some slight audio issues, but the content is what is most important, and that is where the Senator delivers. He brings to his interviews the same intellectualism and fire that he demonstrated during his campaign rallies, and he talks about the issues that most other Congressmen and women refuse to acknowledge, as well as giving information on how one might help to improve the situation. All in all this is a well done and intellectually stimulating show that the Senator is making in order to back up parts of his rhetoric that voters need to be better educated and informed.

You can listen to and download the podcast here, the page also includes a link to download it from iTunes.


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