National Park Service Defies Presidential Gag Order – Tweets Climate Change Facts

The social media manager for the Badlands National Park has defied a gag order from President Trump today – the gag order itself revenge for the National Park Service re-tweeting pictures of the dismal turnout for Donald Trumps inauguration – and has been using its verified Twitter handle, @BadlandsNPS, to circulate scientific literature about the cause and effects of climate change. This is also in opposition to the administration’s attempts to suppress and deny the global consensus on climate change science by de-funding NASA’s climate study division as well as ordering all the records supporting climate change held by the EPA to be turned over to the White House.

As of this writing the Badlands twitter account has sent multiple links and tweets about papers and data concluding the validity of climate change, as well as criticizing the government’s use of executive power to silence its employees for petty revenge. It is most likely assumed that the social media manager sending these tweets, or just allowing the tweets to be made, will be fired promptly and the outpouring of support has been tremendous.


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