The “Hamilton Electors”

On December 19, of 2016 the Electoral College electors will gather to cast their vote in regards to the election of the next President of the United States. The electors do have the right to gauge the viability of the elected candidate for the post of President and to abstain their vote and prevent an “unworthy” candidate from rising to the top of the Executive branch. This is the purpose of the electoral college as dictated by the US Constitution as a check against the population from electing someone who could be considered unfit to lead the country.

A group of electors calling themselves the “Hamilton Electors” are banding together to call for an abstention of voting for current President-Elect Trump and instead move them over to a qualified and acceptable candidate – in this case the idea is to vote for Governor John Kasich. This movement is currently being led mostly by Democratic electors from Washington, Colorado, and many east coast states but does have some republican backing as well. These Hamilton Electors are using the words of the Federalist Papers, written in part by Alexander Hamilton, and especially that of Federalist 68 as a reason to become “faithless electors” and cast their vote for the best interest of the country instead of how the residents of their state had voted.

If enough Republican electors decide to withdraw their vote for Trump it will prevent him from having the needed 270 votes to win the Presidency. As a compromise to this the Democratic electors are offering to vote for a more acceptable Republican nominee, instead of demanding that the electoral college vote the way of the popular vote which would elect Hillary Clinton. These electors recognize that both party’s candidates are not acceptable to run the country, and are excising their constitutional rights to do what they think will benefit the country the most.


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