Election 2016: The Final Tally

November 8th, 2016 saw the closing of the American Presidential Election. Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the electoral college and gained the Presidency for the next four years.

Here is the election, broken down:

Electoral College:

  • 279 Electoral votes went to Mr. Trump.
  • 228 Electoral Votes went to Secretary Clinton.

Popular Vote:

  • Donald Trump got 47% of the popular vote with 59,428,580 ballots.
  • Hillary Clinton got 48% of the popular vote with 59,647,621 ballots.
  • Various third-party candidates make up the remaining 4% of the popular vote.

In this election there were 231,556,622 eligible voters which means 25.6% of Americans voted for Mr. Trump, 25.7% voted for Clinton, .02% voted third party, and the remaining 48.68% of Americans did not vote. Please take a look at those numbers again. They show that only a quarter of Americans this election have dictated the course of the country to the remainder. This is why it has always been so important for everyone to get out and vote when they have the chance. Our democracy has been held hostage by an increasingly shrinking minority of citizens for the past couple of decades; a democratic system cannot survive like that. Remember that in four years, every vote does indeed count.


3 thoughts on “Election 2016: The Final Tally

  1. Voter apathy is has been an increasing problem over the years. Just look at this election and the states whose electoral college votes were decided by less than 1000 votes! To my mind, too many people fought too hard and sacrificed too much for me to take my right to vote less than seriously. As an American and, as an American woman, I treasure my right – no, privilege – to vote and I will exercise that privilege every election! And I will encourage my fellow Americans to vote at every opportunity!


    1. I so agree with you that we shouldn’t have so much voter apathy, seeing what a high price has been paid by men and women to defend and preserve these GOD GIVEN RIGHTS that we all are endowed with. Along with the right and privilege to exercise the vote is THE RESPONSIBILITY TO VOTE! As someone has well said: “ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH, IS FOR GOOD MEN(WOMEN) TO DO NOTHING.” These things and a working knowledge of the foundational principles of our Democratic Republic need MUCH MORE EMPHASIS in our Public School systems. If the upcoming generation drop the baton of freedom, tyranny is not far off.


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